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May 19, 2016
  • Garvey SD, An Energy-Storing Wind Turbine Would Provide Power 24/7, IEEE Spectrum, 5 Aug 2014.
  • Kumagai J (with contributions by SDG and AJP), Hydrostor Wants to Stash Energy in Underwater Bags, IEEE Spectrum, 10 Jul 2014.
  • Kumagai J, How Much Energy Storage Do You Need to Back Up the London Array?, IEEE Spectrum, 15 Jul 2014. Based on work originally published in: Pimm AJ, Garvey SD and De Jong M, Design and testing of Energy Bags for underwater compressed air energy storage, Energy, 66, pp. 496-508, 2013.
  • Articles for New ScientistRenewable Energy World and Kennislink are currently in progress.